Vinyl Windows

elgin vinyl windowsMany homes today in your area have Elgin vinyl windows. Vinyl frames are made of polyvinyl chloride. It is a kind of plastic. It is cheap, durable and easy to maintain. Because of these properties, vinyl window frames are quite common in homes today. Since they get their color from baking, scratches are not much of a problem. They would not be evidently visible.

Window frames can also be made of wood or aluminum. As vinyl frames have been around for quite some time, we know they are definitely comparable to wood or aluminum frames. Though a lot of people don’t find them to be elegant, they definitely give a very neat and consistent look. We service both Elgin vinyl windows and Elgin aluminum windows.

Elgin Vinyl Windows are popular because of the following reasons:
• They have thermal properties, meaning in summers they will keep the heat out of the house, and in winters, they will keep the heat in. So, there is less pressure on the air conditioners.
• It is much cheaper than other window frame materials like wood or aluminum. However, be careful of the cheap, poor quality ones, they are also widely available.

• Being a form of plastic, it can be recycled.
• They can be easily maintained and cleaned with some soap and water.
• Since they have the same color in and out, scratches are not easily seen.
• They can be easily molded in the required size.
But vinyl can also undergo damage with time, with changing weather or rough use. Know when your vinyl windows need attention.
• Discoloration – Your beautiful home can look unappealing if it has windows that are discolored. And that is a possibility when it comes to vinyl window frames. Exposure to outside air can discolor these frames. It is not easy to repaint over vinyl frames, in most cases, it is better to replace the frame.
• Change in Form (Warping) – Vinyl reacts to heat. They can twist or change shape when exposed to heat. In such cases, the window frame needs to be changed. This is because once the frame loses shape, the insulation gets affected. Moisture can also get into spaces and lead to further damage. If gaps are created, it will not be able to block the entry of allergens and insects. The window glass will get foggy.
• Cracking – Vinyl frames can develop cracks with exposure to heat and direct sunlight. Too many cracks can again have an impact on insulation and visual appeal of the house.
• Sagging – Vinyl window frames can sag over time. This will affect the way you use the window. You probably will not be able to slide it easily or open it. What’s the use then?

The type of damage and the extent of damage will determine whether it needs a repair or a replacement. We know that getting this done is not easy. Best is to leave this job to experts. There are many out there who would insist on a replacement. But it is important that you call in as many experts as you want to first analyze if repair is possible. After all, it is about how much it will cost, right?

Elgin Vinyl Windows

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You don’t want another replacement that once again discolors and cracks in no time. Beware of those who would make you buy another vinyl frame to get their business going we provide services if you are interested in how to fix broken window pane or to repair a double pane window seal.

We know what it takes and how much it costs for the upkeep of one’s house. So, we do our best to first analyze the extent of the damage and the impact of damage and then suggest the best solution (home window glass repair or replacement) that works for you and your beautiful home.

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