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elgin patio door repairImagine you have organized a party in your patio. As you prepare for it, head in and out of the house using the patio entry, your Elgin patio door keeps getting stuck. Been in a situation like this? We provide complete Elgin patio door repair services and roller or track repairs.

Patio doors are typically the sliding door kinds. They go on for years, but someday they are bound to stop sliding. Let’s understand what a sliding door is really made of. They are doors mounted on a track. The doors slide horizontally on the track for opening and closing. They can either be resting on rollers at the bottom or they can be hung from the top.

Since the patio is the outer face of the house, it comes in contact with a lot of dust and dirt. This dirt can get accumulated in the door tracks and eventually it is going to affect the way the door slides.

If you need service such as Elgin patio door repair and it is giving you problems, check out what could be the possible reasons.

• Rusted Rollers – The roller on which the door rests and slides is rusted. If the doors are in use for several years and the rollers have not been changed, rusted rollers are highly possible. Needless to say, doors will not slide smoothly on these rollers.
• Dirty Tracks – The tracks are narrow spaces in which the doors slide back and forth. Over the time, dust or insects can accumulate in this space. This means that the roller does not have a free track to move on.
• Air Leaks – If the doors are not fitted properly, they will interfere with the temperature control system of the house. You might lose the inside heat on cold days or hot air might find its way inside on hot days.
• Others – There could be several other reasons for your sliding door not working properly, such as broken or rotting door frames, broken locks or maybe cracks in the glass.

Certain things can be handled at home. For example, you can clean up the tracks using a brush, some soap and water. This will be a two-person job. One can give the door a slight lift and the other one can do the cleaning. You can apply lubricant to the tracks. The door will start sliding well again, provided dust and lubrication were the only problems. Sometimes, it is the roller that’s problematic.

Roller wheels can either get stuck or the rollers can rust. Consequently, doors would give a very jerky slide. To repair this, you need to first get the door out. Inspect the rollers. If something is stuck to the roller, remove it and check if it works fine. But mostly things are not so simple. They could be rusted and completely useless. You definitely need to replace them then. Now replacing the roller is easy, but fitting it in and placing the door back?

That’s where we can help with a clean and swift job. Doors are heavy, so lifting them and getting them out is not easy. You need experts to handle doors, to select the right kind of rollers, and to fit the whole thing well for it to last for a really long time.

Elgin Patio Door Repair

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At times, repair is not possible, like if the doors are cracked or broken or rusted. That’s when you need a complete replacement of the sliding door unit.

We sometimes forget the importance of doors. They protect us from the harmful elements outside. So why not leave it to the experts to give you something that comes with a guarantee we can fix a sliding door with new rollers or provide you professional Elgin patio door repair and replacement services.

Other services we provide are: Elgin glass repair, window repair, patio door repair, glass replacement, screen doors, sliding door repair, vinyl windows and window screens.